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View below to get quick answers to some of CADTech’s most frequently asked questions . . .

CADTech Helpdesk ( ) vs. RSC ( ) . . . what’s the difference?

This is probably the most confusing question when you first get to CAD!

The CADTech Helpdesk is your dedicated helpdesk for your CAD-managed equipment, software, labs, etc. If you got it from CADTech, you’ll want to use this address to get help. We also service the CAD-managed labs in Booth, Gannett, and in parts of MAGIC.

Our address is:

The RIT Service Center (RSC) is your one-stop shop for a host of OTHER RIT Services. This includes ITS (including issues with your email account or “institute-owned” classrooms), Accounting, Dining, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Parking, TImekeeping, etc.

Their address is:

When in doubt, you can always file a ticket with CADTech and we’ll make sure that we get you the to the help you need!

Where are all the HOW-TOs?

Please log in to view our extensive knowledgebase!

Due to the proprietary nature of some of the articles, we have them secure behind an RIT login. There is a login link on our front page - just click on the RIT SSO Login button.

How can I get help with my CAD-owned equipment or computer labs?

The best way is to file a ticket with CADTech at!

We also have a walk-up desk at 7B-1263, although it’s often best to schedule with us by placing a ticket at the link above.

Helpdesk Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 7:30am - 10:00pm
Friday: 7:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday: Office closed - File a ticket!

Where can I learn more about the Computer Labs?

You can find out more about the various CAD-Managed Computer Labs here:
This includes links to schedules, location, computer type, and access to peripherals (scanners, Wacom Tablets, etc).

*Due to the last-minute Summer 2022 construction, some photos need to be updated. It’s always best to check out the labs in person before your first class!

Where can I find out the Lab and Facilities Schedules?

You can get up-to-date schedules for CAD-managed labs and classrooms at
These schedules are updated dynamically from RIT’s main scheduling system, so they are as accurate as the information in the RIT primary scheduling system.

Where can I request CAD Services?

We’ve created a one-stop-shop for a variety of CAD web and physical services at

You can sign up for the following things:

  • Link to the CAD Checkout Portals (will vary based on the school you are enrolled in

  • Lockers

  • Personal web accounts hosted on the CAD servers

  • Group web accounts hosted on the CAD servers

  • Managing CAD-hosted MyShares volumes

  • Course Shares (for more demanding file-sharing needs beyond what MyCourses offers)

  • Group Rendershares

  • Personal Rendershares

What is RIT Self Service (mac) and Software Center (PC)

CAD enables Faculty and Staff to manage most of their own software directly via the RIT Self Service App (Mac) or Software Center (PC).

The software you see may be dependent on your home School due to licensing restrictions.

Not seeing what you are looking for? File a ticket and we’ll find out with you >

How do I manage my Adobe Apps?

Adobe apps are now managed directly by the user (faculty/staff only right now). Follow the directions at the link below and then launch the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app to download or update Adobe Apps.

Students have access to the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud apps on our lab computers (other than the Adobe Fonts folio at this point).

Having trouble with Adobe apps? File a ticket >

Oh no! My software’s not on the computer!

This is a COMMON question/request that comes up, especially on the Apple computers. If you don’t see the software icon you are looking for in the dock (Mac) or as a shortcut (Win), do the following:
• Check the Applications Folder (mac) or in Programs (windows)
• Use Spotlight search (Mac) or Windows Search and type the name of the software you are looking for.

There’s a pretty good chance the software is installed, just not listed as a shortcut.

If the software IS still missing after you’ve looked in these places, please file a ticket >

How do I make/use Course Shares?

Simply go to and follow the directions!

There are two separate components to the Course Shares system:

CAD Request Portal

The portal is where you request individual course shares be created and manage the permissions of those shares.

You may also create dropbox folders through the portal. Dropbox folders are very convenient way to manage your deliverable materials sorted out by assignment.

CAD-FILES File Server

The file server is where you and your students actually interact with your files. Student's can upload files and submit work to your dropbox folders.

You can access this via the GO > Connect to server menu using the address: smb://
or on windows via RUN: \\\courses

You can learn more here:

How do I print to the CAD Xerox Printers?

You can learn more about our CAD-managed Xerox printers at the link below. The CAD-Managed Xerox printers are available forCAD Faculty and Staff.

How do I print to the CAD Xerox Printers if I’m an adjunct or off-campus?

Faculty, Staff, and Adjuncts can still print to the CAD Xerox managed print queues by submitting a file via a we browser. (CardSwipe access is required.)

Link above requires RIT login for access.

Where can I print if I’m a student?

There are printers available to students in a number of our CAD-managed labs, you can see which labs here.

In addition, there are specialty printing areas like the FabLab, ISL, and HUB Express for larger student projects or 3D fabrication.

What software is available to students for free?

You can learn a bit more about what software is available to students for free (or with certain restrictions) here:

Remember: this software is provided for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY. You cannot use it for commercial purposes.

How do I use the RenderShare / Render Farm?

  • You can sign up for a personal or group rendershare here:

  • You can learn more about Renderfarm here: (confluence page)

How do I connect to the server?

You can find out how to connect to Network shares, servers, and course shares by Mac or PC and get a list of the most common server addresses at the link below:

How do I rent a locker in CAD?

Go to and you can select a locker in a number of locations in CAD.

AV Support in General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs)

Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning,

If you’re not sure if it’s a GPC or CAD Classroom, submit a ticket to the CAD Helpdesk and we’ll help you navigate. But the biggest clue is that if there’s no actual teacher station, and just a podium with AV connections, it’s probably a GPC classroom.

What are some other University-wide Resources?

Here’s are some other really handy University-wide resources to help you solve problems or get more information (non-CAD-managed):

I don’t know what to do next?!?

When in doubt, please file a ticket with us and we can help get you on the right track!!

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