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How do I get server space for my class? - Knowledgebase / How-to Articles - CADTech Help Desk

How do I get server space for my class?

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CAD offers storage for our student's use in submitting their course work. This storage is also useful for Faculty who have large amounts of data that need to be shared with the entire class.


  • No quota storage, if you have concerns about data size let us know, but we have never run into a problem before.

  • Easily accessible via all platforms

  • Drop box management along with closing of drop box folders at a certain time.

  • Ability to add permissions to Teaching Assistants, other faculty members, and other students not registered in the class.

Step-by-step guide

Requesting space for your course is easy, but it does need to be completed at the beginning of every new term.

  1. Go to

  2. From there login with your RIT Username and Password

  3. On the side navigation click Course Shares

  4. You should be presented with a list of courses, and the terms that you are teaching them.

  5. Check the checkbox next to the courses you wish to make. 

  6. Check the 'Yes, make these course shares for me' box

  7. Go ahead and Create Shares

Your share will be created usually in under a minute! Go ahead and check out the related articles below about how to connect

If you have a special request for your class share, feel free to contact our Service Desk and we can work with you.

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